Flying Families



Lady Skywriter has learned much, had many surprises and enjoyed great times talking with representative members of  the following amazing “Flying Families” over the past few years. If you know of a flying family you would like to see included, please contact Lady Skywriter with your suggestion. Each month, beginning in August, 2014, a family will be highlighted, starting with The Falenczykowski’s.


The Flying Falenczykowski’s, ready for your viewing now.    Photo courtesy Lona Falenczykowski

The Render Family - October, 2014

Look for the Render Family in October, 2014.   Photo courtesy of Mike Render Cagley

The Johnson Family

 The Johnson Family is featured in September, 2014.   Photo courtesy of Merry “Jo” Johnson


Coming in November, Captains and brothers, Lee and Les Smith. Photo courtesy of NWA History Centre