Northwest Family Tree

I never really understood how airline employees felt when “their” airline was acquired, or merged with, another airline. That is, until my airline disappeared. And this happened to me 50 years after I left my job with Northwest! All the same, the thought that I would not be able to look up and see a red tail navigating the airways was a kick in the gut.

I’ve been mulling this over for five years since Delta swallowed us. It has occurred to me that airlines are clannish. We immerse ourselves in our airline – it’s culture, logo, colors, routes, staff. It really is “ours.” So when it disappears, and we are trying to absorb a new culture, new logo, new colors, routes, staff, whether we still work for them or not, it is a difficult passage.

I now have great empathy for all of the “deceased” airlines which, over time, became part of Northwest Airlines. This page is devoted to them. Personal experiences, folklore and stories about any of the following airlines that eventually became part of Northwest are welcome.

Scanned Image 141690000Courtesy NWA History Centre

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